Hanco Ink proudly promotes clean, environmentally friendly printmaking. Formulated using high percentages of renewable raw materials, all inks that Hanco Ink produces are vegetable-based products allowing environmentally conscious printmakers to reduce their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.

Hanco Etching Ink

Hanco oil based etching inks are manufactured to exacting standards using only the finest raw materials. Our employees skillfully utilize state of the art equipment to produce each pound of ink with pride. Our three roll mills are made with hardened steel rolls that finely grind each ink to develop exceptional strength and the cleanest printing characteristics revealing even the finest details in each print.

Hanco etching inks are available in a full range of colors to satisfy your needs, packaged in one pound cans for your convenience.

Note: Hanco Etching Inks are also suitable for relief printing.


Hanco Litho Ink


Hanco Standard Palette Litho Ink:

Hanco Ink’s Standard Palette is a time tested favorite and can be found in print shops around the world. Standard Palette inks are strong, full bodied, and are formulated to provide an excellent value for budget conscious printmakers.

Hanco Master Palette Litho Ink:

Hanco Master Palette Litho Inks are produced with master printmakers in mind who wish to create lasting impressions and fine works of art. Master Palette inks are created using specialty pigments carefully chosen for their superior fade resistance, rich color, and excellent lithographic properties. When combined, these premium raw materials used are then finely ground on hardened steel mill rolls to produce the finest lithographic ink available.


Three Roll Mill

This mill, with its hardened steel rolls, is one of many Hanco Ink uses to grind the pigment into the ink. This is done to eliminate any “grittiness” and to achieve the “buttery” grind Hanco Inks are known for.

These things are heavy!

Fun fact: Each mill can weigh upwards of 10,000 lbs.

How it works...

Ink is poured in-between the back two rollers (the ink is warm from mixing so has quite a bit of flow at this point), which are spinning in opposite directions (which is what creates the ink roll that is pictured). The ink is then transferred by contact and pressure to the front roll. After going around the front roll, the ink is peeled off with a long razor blade attached to the apron, it flows down the apron, and is directed into cans. All three rolls rotate at different speeds and the pressure between the rolls can be adjusted to achieve the best grind possible. It takes years for a mill operator to be considered experienced – operating this piece of equipment is an art.

hanco ink

Fine printmaking inks. Finally found.

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